Friday, November 23, 2007

..Countdown In the "Libe"..

Finally. After the long wait to get in, I took my rightful place and started surfing. But only now because I don't have anything to do (except continue writing this little novel I'm in the state of writing right now...) except to go home and sleep.

As the timer ticks down my remaining lifeline of seconds of usage here, I found the chance to check my blog, and, I am happy, that someone actually wrote in my cbox (*sniff*) it makes me so happy (*sniff*) Ah.. Well, I'm really not into online gaming anymore (I retired, you see), since I need to upgrade my grades (and get that delicious well-paid OJT in germany in my fourth year) See? It's a nice goal... And even better than paying for playing (Which, sadly, I now consider as a waste of time, money, and mental energy [mana point, kumbaga] hehe..) and other past-time activities... (It might interest you, though, that my trusty kapitbahay recently got a haul of pirated D_Ds that I'm actually anxiously waiting for the right time (to watch 'em...).

Oh well, I thought I could still play around in the forums (of PW, I guess) but it's not nice to meddle around in things I don't know have any knowledge in... My my...

Watch out for me..=)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

..First Semester..

Geez... Look at my grades. . . "not enough" He he he.

Looks like my first dip on this path of higher education got me wet enough to know where the deepest part is. Patience, as usual.

Patience to wait for the next class, patience through the class, trying to look as attentive as possible (and hence, the pa-pogi points to the teachers), patience through the bitter struggle for the perfect scores (which I really can't reach in my level of 'determination'), patience through the tough times at home, in school, and in the world between the thirty minute ride from both places, patience through the long lines in the cashier's place, assessment, registrar, the dean... Patience through hardships in my own inner universe, and in the turmoils of linking this universe to that of others. Patience to the blockheaded blockmates, patience to them who I have extended courtesy to tutor through their hard times, patience enough for friends who I have to drag out of cafes so that they won't get late, and patience to tell them that school's more important than defending the ancients... And patience to their irrational explanations of the opposite.

Well, that generally covered all of the places where I need patience in, except the need to be patient because I still have a long way to go before I graduate. (hehehe)

Also, I haven't returned to gaming (luckily) so, I'm not playing anymore (yep.) I mostly spend time on wikipedia (and the like) nowadays (like today).

alright. that's it for this quarter, 10715474, logging out.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

-Et Sum: First Quarter-

Okay. First of all, I have just read the sad news (reminds me of how engaged I am right now... haven't checked on the game for two months...) August Six?!? Three PM?!? Hwow.

So, triggersoft had stopped developing ROSE when LU launched F2P. (I think I didn't take the news seriously back then)

So, What happened to Starry? Well, I was busy (very, very...) on my degree... Not to mention my PC's memory got damaged (I don't know why) and well... I have been "very" unable to use it since err... June 16, I think. (I am typing this in a cafe right now)

Ooh! And I just visited my blog because I have just finished encoding my report in Humanities...

Our midterm's next week (err... And I am buried under my not-so-thick notes and textbooks) And I am having a good time re-studying everything...

..Sigh.. Back to the ROSE issue... It was a fun while - while it lasted.. Hmm... I don't have time to play games anymore nowadays though...

I'm planning to visit every blog I have here in the sidebar... Guys? Good luck on your own paths of destiny!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer's End

Just a few hours more, and I'll be wearing a school uniform again. *Sigh*

I longed to go back to school when summer started. . . But now... I don't know... Laid back is better than trying to sit straight on history classes... But then, the atmosphere of the classroom... Seeing my friends. I just can't help but smile at the thought of seeing them again.

It's such a posh I was unable to finish something this summer. And I still regret not doing something last s-year... *sigh* Always looking back to the past... Typical me.

Enough of that, I have foreseen what's going to happen and have posted appropriately in the board(s) Hee hee! (As if anyone will bother)

The story has (in the draft) reached episode seven in the draft and I have put up the design of the next episode already. But I'll just cut it to episode six (the 'turning point' of the laid-back plot- I mean initial plot that has no action in it) so that it'll be much easier to turn back just in case I decide not to go off with my current plans.

Hmm... I ran out of time today.. So I'll be cutting off some of my extra time tomorrow (further complicated by grandma's birthday) and regain lost time. It's hard when I don't have a phone... Clockwork is just too unreliable.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


..If you didn't know, yesterday was June 6, the umm... D-day anniversary. He he.

Ok. The ROSE boards and the pROSEGURU boards are getting cold. SO, I entered the PExing scene.
Well... At least it's a bit livelier. He he he!

I'm still at the 34% mark in the 4gig download.. Geez! I get less than 10% (5% yesterday) for a whole day (9am-8pm) of downloading it!

Primarily because I only have >10 peers and >3 seeds. Haay...

I'm stuck in the sixth episode of my fanfic. I can't decide what to do next.. (I mean.. What happens next..) Hee hee!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Back to School

Yes, school has started once again. But.. Well... My college's first day is still a few days from now. Hee hee!

Umm... The boards have been deserted lately! I can't even post the continuation of my fanfic because no one's [ut up something yet. (after the first episode) LOL

I'll put up a longer post later. hee hee! (Oh! And I'm downloading a 4gig file right now. I'm still at 15%, after three days...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Soft Launching of my Fanfic

Umm... After a few days of planning the plot, I have finally put up my own fanfic!!!

hee hee!!! I'm planning on putting up behind-the scenes info here, as well as my plans on the story. Hee hee.

You can put up questions in the chatbox over on the left side... And I'll try to entertain them. Hee hee.

Advance info:

>Choosing jobs is now different! Would-be "Hunters" train under master hunters in their years of apprentice-ship. hee hee!<

>I haven't decided what my heroine's job is.<

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Purge the PC!!!

Wooh! My schedules are getting tighter by the minute. And my hours online are being cut too! I have been expecting this, of course. But well... It's such a change for me... And I can't keep my mind from wandering off! Hee hee!

Well, yesterday. I was out for the day... I had a quick trip to my uncle's place and stayed there for a day. For what? Well.. Secret. But it was like... 1900 there. Hwee hee! No TV, no PC! and when I came home... No Electricity! Oh well... At least I'm not at the height of my temper. Patience. Hee hee! Well, the electrons flowed again, and I popped my PC on and read what I missed.

I'll be posting more of something later on.. hee hee!